Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sorry for the late update, I was away at the Edinburgh Fringe for a few days over the weekend and so didn't get a chance to do this on Sunday. Unlike last week, I have been feeling pretty proud of myself for more or less completing all my goals this week!

Goal 1: Have breakfast every day. This will be a 300 cal meal which is mainly protein based.

I did this! I didn't miss breakfast once, it wasn't always 300 cals but it was usually close to it and I really felt the benefit! I had things like pork medallion and green beans, salmon and green beans, and scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Nom nom nom! It may not seem like breakfasty food, but starting the day with protein and veg is really filling and sustaining.

Goal 2: Eat more vegetables this week, trying to have them with every meal.

I did this one too! I feel like I've been eating nothing but veg, including yummy things like spinach, aubergine, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, courgettes, red onions, green beans and soya beans. I'm hoping that after a few weeks of doing this, I'm going to notice a real improvement in my skin, digestion etc.

Goal 3: Go for a walk three times this week.

Yeah, didn't manage this one so much... at all... but I did do some of a new exercise DVD that I bought so I'd like to maybe try and do more of that this week and gradually build up to exercising outside where people can see me... !

This weeks goals are -

Goal 1: Have 5 small meals a day, about one every four hours

Goal 2: Drink more water & tea and less diet fizz

Goal 3: Do my DVD twice this week

If you've got some goals of your own this week, I'd love to hear them!