Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well I never got round to posting about my weigh-in last week, mainly because it was a rubbish one (only 0.8lb). But thankfully this week I have better news to report! :D I've managed to stay on track and when I was weighed this evening discovered I've lost 9.2lbs this week !!!

Its more than would be expected, as my body has gone back into ketosis and that is always going to boost your weight loss, however it is making me feel much more positive and motivated. Next week will probably be a smaller loss, but I'm prepared for that and as long as it is a loss then the scales are going in the right direction!

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Weight lost this week: 9.2lbs
Weight lost so far: 21.8lbs
Weight still to loose: 98lbs

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Nice things to do that aren't food............ ?!

So last week I had a great weight loss after my 1st week of the new diet. I started off week 2 full of best intentions and thinking that this week was going to be a doddle... However since yesterday I've been really struggling!

I had a lapse on Monday, as I got up late, didn't have breakfast, was rushing around and disorganised all day, didn't drink enough water and didn't plan ahead. The result of this was I gave in to temptation when someone I was working with went to a maccy D's... I have been feeling rubbish ever since and keep finding excuses not to get 'back on the wagon.' It hasn't helped that I've spent lots of time sitting about the flat waiting for the plumber to come and fix our boiler (6 days later he finally has!!) One of the things I've realised is I really struggle with the whole 'boredom eating' thing, and to try and tackle this I think I need to come up with a list of nice things I can do instead of eat. Here's what I've come up with so far, feel free to add your own in the comments!

1. Have a bath or shower

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With candles and bubbles and nice music and a fluffy towel :)

2. Make stuff!

I have so many unused craft materials and partly started projects lying around, so no excuse not to be making more things, either for me or presents for other people.

3. Finish making my zine

I started making a zine..... I can't even remember when it was exactly, some time in the summer I think. And its been sitting since then in a sad pile of scribbley papers. So when I find my mind wandering to thoughts of food, this would be an ideal thing to do instead.

4. Do some decluttering in the flat

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We have sooo much random stuff lying around... in cupboards, in boxes, hidden under the bed etc. etc. and so it should be easy to spend some time decluttering a part of the flat and making it look all tidy and clean :)

5. Watch something interesting

I often find myself putting on fluff TV that I don't really watch and that just provides background noise. This very often leads to boredom snacking. So when I feel the temptation to snack, instead I will put on a nice, educational, interesting documentary or something similar that I can get sucked in to and learn something in the process.

6. Listen to podcasts

Similar to number 5, listening to some of the many awesome podcasts I like (such as Answer Me This, Shift Run Stop or Robin and Josie's Utter Shambles) will provide me with a more productive way to spend my time, rather than thinking about food.

7. Listen to music

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I have loads of music on my laptop and that I really should listen to, plus a list of bands that I've been meaning to find out more about for ages.

8. Pamper my feet

Nail varnish, soaks in hot water with essential oils, nice smelly mosturiser, massages = lovely!

9. Learn maths

For a while now I have wanted to learn how to do more than just add up or subtract numbers. I used to know a lot more mathematical stuff but since I gave up Maths in high school I have forgotten it all. I honestly see this as a good and fun thing to do :D

10. Learn sciencey stuff

Same as number 9 :D

11. Visit a charity shop or thrift store

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One of my favourite things to do, but I hardly ever get the time to do it.

12. Write a letter to someone

I used to love sending and receiving letters, but its something that I very rarely do any more. I have a few friends who I know love receiving 'proper post' so I'm going to make an effort to do this more, especially when I'm thinking about food too much.

13. Finish doing my PIF swap stuff!

I ran a Pay It Forward swap thing on my facebook page and have 5 people I need to make something lovely for. I need to try and get this done ASAP and not forget about it!

14. Have a nice cup of tea

Now that one of the very few drinks I can have is black tea, making and drinking a nice cup of tea is something I can do that is relaxing and lets me make use of my collection of pretty vintage tea cups :)

15. Read

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I really don't read enough, and have loads of books that I keep meaning to read. But for some reason I read the same few books over and over. A better use of my time would be to get through the piles of books that have been sat gathering dust!

16. Write a song

I always feel envious of people who are musically creative and have written music. Its a skill I do have, but find it very difficult. I would love to be able to play something I have written myself

17. Send a postcard on Postcrossing

I have three postcards I need to send, and have the best of intentions to send more. But I never seem to get round to it.

18. Take the recycling out

I always have piles of random 'recycling stuff' lying about, either papers or bottles or clothes etc. etc. When I start feeling my thoughts going to food and eating, taking it all down to the recycling bins would be a good way to take my mind off it AND earn me brownie points for de-cluttering the flat :)

19. Practice playing the ukulele

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I have been teaching myself the uke since September, and love playing it. Now I just need to get better, and get over my fear of playing infront of other people!

20. Read through my diet plan literature

Everything else I've suggested above is a way to distract me from negative thinking and use my time more productively or positively. This one, however, will force me to acknowledge some of my thoughts around food and why I'm doing this whole weight loss thing, as well as learn some new techniques for how to change these thoughts. If I am to succeed, I need to think differently.

Wow, so theres 20 different things to do when I find my mind wandering off into the fridge... I really have no excuse now! There is plenty of stuff I could or should be doing, and by actually doing it I will end up feeling better - about me, about the flat, about life in general.

What things would you add to this list?